TOGETHER! Regional Museums Engaging with the “New Reality”

We would like to welcome you to ICR’s Annual Conference in Finland, Helsinki and Tampere, 28 August – 1 September 2017. The conference is organized in cooperation with Helsinki City Museum, Central Uusimaa Provincial Museum, Hämeenlinna City Museum, Regional Museum of Kanta-Häme, and Vapriikki Regional Museum of Pirkanmaa.

Finland celebrates 100 years as an independent state on 6 December 1917. The focus of Finlandˈs centenary celebration year is “TOGETHER”. The idea is “To succeed in a constantly changing world, you have to change as well. Finland has reinvented itself in just one short century. Their national character and Northern heritage have boosted them to the top of all kinds of country rankings from quality of life to freedom of speech. The mindset that drove them to build a new society is still hardwired into them – and it continues to drive them forward today.”

In 2017 we gather in Finland to celebrate and discuss the theme »together«. The anniversary gives us an opportunity to discuss important issues relevant to regional museums in many countries around the world after changes to political systems. Museums serve as stewards of the cultural heritage of diverse communities. We are looking for answers on the integrity of museums which retain different “former identities”, now superseded by a “new reality”.

We will explore examples of museums that thrive in their new reality while retaining and documenting their own past. Questions to be explored include:

  1. What are the new realities of museum work after major political change?
  2. How are museums involved in these new realities?
  3. How has the “new reality” had an impact on museums’ ability to maintain their independence?
  4. What changes have you made to adopt new professional practices or attract new partners and new audiences?
  5. How has immigration from abroad or internal migration changed your community?
  6. What have been the impacts on the management or collection policies of the museums?
  7. Why are some issues in museums presented and others neglected?

Interested in exploring these topics? See the Call for Presenters

Register for the conference

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