ICR Travel Grant

ICR Travel Grant for Younger Museum Professionals

To encourage younger colleagues to participate in ICR’s activities, ICR offers one travel grant of €1000 or two of €500 to support the attendance of younger museum professionals at ICR’s 2017 conference.

The ICR Board is pleased to announce that Wesam Mohamed, Museum Specialist, Ministry of Antiquities, Egypt; and Sahida Quadri (Zahida), museum professional from Pakistan, were this year’s successful recipients.

The successful candidate(s) are required to:

  • Make a presentation in English at the conference relating to the conference theme – for details see the Call for Papers
  • Write a short report on their experience for the ICR newsletter by 30 October 2017
  • Report to colleagues in their home country about their experience, providing a copy of any presentation or written account to ICR


The ICR Board members hope that the successful candidate(s) will find the ICR Annual Conference in Finland interesting and enjoy the opportunity to meet ICR members. They be encouraged to continue the relationship by becoming actively involved with ICR.


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